Active Ageing Plan

Plan to age in the healthiest way.

7 days

The WHO defines active aging as “the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation and security in order to improve the quality of life of aging people”

So, are you concerned about aging and its importance when you are more than 70 years?

Well, we can say that there is plenty of life after age 60, and increasingly, society appreciates the role the elderly.

Therefore, the meaning of active aging is: get more out of life when you get older, both at work and at home or in society…

The aim is to increase the quality and life expectancy of all the people. We should care for our health and physique as possible, but also to be active in social and cultural fields. With that, older people can enjoy a greater independence, personal development and social contribution.

To get this, some guidelines and behavioral habits along with healthy lifestyle (exercise, diet, etc …) must be set.

With this plan you will get

  • Physical, social and cultural interaction that boost personal communication

  • Keep the bond alive  with the world and avoid the isolation increasing participation

This plan is for you if you are

  • 60 year-old person who are worried about their future and their role in society.

  • An active person who want to improve your quality of life.

Available from 26/11/2016


From 2.685€

*The price is modified depending on the category of the room

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What's included?
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Full board
Health & Nutritional Coaching

It offers a personalized program that will help you get in an easy and effective way the desired objective in relation to your diet.

We will help to adopt a new way of understanding your food, enjoying food in a healthy and lasting over time way.

Oxygens Test

Prevention of oxidative causes of aging and chronic diseases

Nutritional supplements and superfood workshop

They have amazing benefits, preventing heart disease and cancer, cholesterol reduction, detoxification, weight loss, benefits brain function and memory.

1 Aqua Contributor session

The water causes a massage effect on our body while toning your muscles. With these techniques you can free yourself of all the accumulated tension and reduce your stress levels.

3 days of senior ski

With your ski pass you can ski for more than 200km and more than 100 tracks, where the most qualified instructors in the station will offer you a personalized service. Finally you will have the possibility of enjoying a healthy menu that will make the difference.

It includes:

  • Grandvalira ski pass
  • Top Class
  • Healthy Menus
Therapeutic yoga sessions

Therapeutic yoga works on specific parts of the body, decontracting or strengthening them, depending on the needs. With this action, the aim is to correct imbalances and restore the physical well-being.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing is closely related to emotions. If we learn to calm the breath, we can also soothe our mood.

On the other hand, learn to breathe better increases general cell and brain oxygenation, thereby improving the ability to concentrate.

Stretching session

Stretching is a discipline that works not only on the muscles, but also tendons, joints, ligaments and skin, being very complete. Stretching the body improves mobility and flexibility, increasing extensibility tissues.

Postural reeducation session

It is an active physical therapy based on the realization of a series of gentle global stretching exercises, combined with breathing,

They are evolving from an initial tension-free position to a final more intense stretching position. The ending point of the position depends on each person.

It is used as an unique manual therapy, stretching the tissues, reducing stress, taking care of the joints, eliminating the inconvenience and modeling the patient’s body.

Caldea Inúu access (dinner + show)

Termoludisme pioneer center, a concept that seeks to recover balance and vitality through the properties of the thermal springs.

It includes:

  • Entry to Caldea
  • Dinner + show.
  • 60 minutes full body massage
Relaxing massage
Manual decontracting therapy
Plus Option : Wellbeing style

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