Antiaging Antiox Plan

Learning to keep youth over time. Delays the signs that age shows.

7 days

Look younger, longer!

Aging is one of the issues that most concern us. The appearance of wrinkles, loss of agility, skin collagen reduction, they are irremediable symptoms of passing of time. And although aging is a unrestrained biological process, treatments, nutritional supplements and physical, mental and emotional activity can help delay those symptoms that indicate your age.

There are several external factors that influence and that we can somehow “control” to delay wrinkles, fine lines, loss of firmness or spotting, ie, those visible signs of aging as much as possible.

These external factors such as exposure to sun, smoking, nutrition, sports or the use of creams can be controlled to achieve a lower biological than chronological age. In addition, we also consider the importance of stress management, as this causes more premature aging, so you have to adopt a positive attitude in the day.

With this plan you get

  • Identification of the factors that affect aging

  • Slow down the natural aging process and improve health and quality of life

This plan is for you if you

  • Want to get personalized guidelines to restore balance

  • Are worried about growing old in a threatening way

Available from 26/11/2016


From 4.703€

*The price is modified depending on the category of the room

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What's included?
Accommodation at Hotel Grau Roig


Full board and diet as prescribed

After the assessment of the nutritional status, are fixed the plans to follow during the stay, always relying on behavioral therapy, because is the main premise for changing habits through nutrition education and their sustainability over time

Unlimited access to the water circuit. Grau Roig Spa

The Spa Grau Roig is a space conceived for health, relaxation, wellness and body care. It is designed with warm colors and scents, oak wood and natural elements in tune with the nature of our environment.

Health and Nutrition Coaching

It offers a personalized program that will help you get in an easy and effective way the desired objective in relation to your diet.

We will help to adopt a new way of understanding your food, enjoying food in a healthy and lasting over time.

Oxygens Test

Prevention of oxidative causes of aging and chronic diseases

Skingen Test

Skin health, toxic elimination and status of internal inflammation.

Guidance for healthy exercise practice

Exercise is a key factor in staying healthy. Exercise strengthens bones, heart and lungs, tones muscles, improves vitality, helps sleep better and relieves depression.

You will have an individual health planning to promote physical activity.

2 personal training plans

It helps people to achieve specific objectives using suitable and safe training methods and techniques. It also provides a continuous control track and through which the desired physical condition is obtained.

Postural reeducation session

It is an active physical therapy based on the realization of a series of gentle global stretching exercises, combined with breathing, evolving from an initial tension-free position to a final more intense stretching position. The ending point of the position depends on each person.

It is used as an unique manual therapy, stretching the tissues, reducing stress, taking care of the joints, eliminating the inconvenience and modeling the patient’s body.

3 days GMG - Grandvalira

Thanks to the Grandvalira mountain guides you can enjoy skiing crossings where you can find unusual landscapes and crowning the most emblematic summits of the principality.

New experiences lovers will find this activity as a new opportunity as suits all levels of physical and technical demand.

It includes:

  • Mountain guide
  • Healthy menus.
Physical, mental and emotional activity
  • Invigorating Passive Yoga

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Mindfulness

Nutritional and antioxidant supplements workshop

Numerous studies have shown that supplements such as omega-3, vitamin B3, D … have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and reduce biomarkers of chronic inflammation.

Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from the effects of free radicals (molecules produced when the body breaks down food or environmental exposure to smoking and radiation). Free radicals can damage cells and increase the risk of some diseases

Immunonutrition workshop. How foods affect your health.

Immunonutrition as a powerful tool to assess nutritional status and benefits of nutrients, bioactive compounds and food.

Dermatological Treatment - Chemical Peels

Glycolic acid or pyruvic peels can be very useful as they manage to bring light and a brighter and homogeneous look to face without undergoing any invasive procedure.

It is convenient to perform a peeling periodically to slow the aging process or to enjoy a brighter look.

Ayurvedic Ritual - Purifying & Firming Udvartana

It stimulates the body’s metabolic processes. Eliminates toxins and It improves assimilation of nutrients. Highly firming, improves skin complexion and the cellulite condition.

Ayurvedic Ritual – Vata Ritual

Calms the mind, nourishes the skin and tissues, warms the organism and It provides general relaxation to reduce imbalances caused  by air: dry hair, peeling, osteoarthritis, nervousness, constipation, insomnia, anxiety and fear.

Exfodraining relax

Cleanses and moisturizes the skin deeply, while activates body clearance and  takes the noise off the mind. Long natural body and facial exfoliation, followed by a complete general lymphatic drainage.

Japanese Kobido- Facelift

Excellent facial tightening massage to improve the skin condition and aging signs. Activates skin circulation eliminating toxins, nourishing and leaving a younger and healthier luminous face.

Inúu Access

INÚU is an innovative proposal focused on achieving  comprehensive wellness.

The stay is completely personalized. The goal is to achieve comprehensive wellness: Wellness Attitude. A state of complete harmony between body and mind.

  • Inúu Entry
  • Citric Body Scrub + massage cream vitamin C
Option plus: WELLBEING Test

Weight control, toxic elimination, bone health, dental, skin and cardiovascular capacity and physical fitness, mental attitude and mental performance.

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