Ski Fit Plan

Maximum performance. Improve your skiing improving your physical condition.

7 days

It is possible to improve the skiing level by improving our physical condition.

There is a direct relationship between the ability to oxygenate the body and the intensity at which we train. The reason: a lower air density produces less air resistance to displacement.

Skiing is a sport that provides many health benefits

It is practiced in environments where the air is very pure, thus promoting blood oxygenation.

It involves a high-energy expenditure because of its aerobic nature, so calories are burned and we can control overweight and cholesterol levels in blood. With this, it helps improving the functioning of lungs and heart, making it one of the best ways to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In Addition, skiing helps to exercise the sense of balance because of the position required for a proper practice, so that coordination between the various muscle groups is enhanced. Physical endurance, agility and concentration are also increased.

Take advantage of keeping fit with this discipline to acquire a more solid physical condition.

With This plan you get

  • Improvement of physical condition and flexibility

  • Activation of the physical and mentally potential

  • A healthier lifestyle

This plan is for you if you are

  • A sportsman, or someone who perform physical activity regularly and want to improve your potential and performance.

Available from 26/11/2016


From 4.267€

*The price is modified depending on the category of the room

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What's included?
Accommodation at Hotel Grau Roig or Sport Hotels


PLAN - SKI FIT (5 days)



  • 5 days skipass
  • Daily ski sessions, directed by intructors – personal trainners – mountain guides.
  • Healthy menú (Vodka Bar; 3 estanys; Iglú Bar
  • Level test and physical condition
  • Video corrections (position correction and orintation for the correct use the muscles, all that for to get a better perfomance and avoid injuries.
  • Ski’s mountain day
Nutritional counseling and monitoring during stay

Teach people to eat healthily, through a change of habits, improving their emotional state and accompanying it with physical exercise.

Assessment of nutritional status through a dietary interview evaluating eating habits and history of diseases if relevant.

Counseling and nutritional monitoring during stay

Try to resolve the person doubts, while is gets that understand what is their situation derived by their nutrition

Health & Nutritional Coaching

It offers a personalized program that will help you get in an easy and effective way the desired objective in relation to your diet.

We will help to adopt a new way of understanding your food, enjoying food in a healthy and lasting over time way.

Test Sportgens

Information on physical condition and sports performance enhancement

Assessment of physical condition

There are many benefits of use the protocols of evaluation of the condition physical, both in athletes professional, from a perspective much more specialized and complex, as in people that want to improve their possibilities.

These tests we allow us to know our body to establish a training right and custom, and measure the progress doing this type of tests after a certain time.

Re-growth test and new fitness assessment

Valuation based on recovery and preparation time.

Definition of the work plan and training

Training in any sports discipline is characterized by the order of its planning and the search of objectives through concrete proposed that is must achieve in certain times.

Daily control monitoring

Exercise is a key factor in staying healthy. Exercise strengthens bones, heart and lungs, tones muscles, improves vitality, helps sleep better and relieves depression.

You will have an individual health planning to promote physical activity.

Postural reeducation session

It is an active physical therapy based on the realization of a series of gentle global stretching exercises, combined with breathing, evolving from an initial tension-free position to a final more intense stretching position. The ending point of the position depends on each person.

It is used as an unique manual therapy, stretching the tissues, reducing stress, taking care of the joints, eliminating the inconvenience and modelling the patient’s body.

Stretching Masterclass

Stretching is a discipline that works not only on the muscles, but also tendons, joints, ligaments and skin, being very complete. Stretching the body improves mobility and flexibility, increasing extensibility tissues.

Yoga sessions

Hatha Yoga has many benefits in physical and emotional health, and those who practice it consistently and disciplined manner, have expressed feel a positive change in your body and health.

Manual therapies

The physiotherapy offers an alternative therapy to alleviate symptoms of multiple ailments.

Speak of therapeutic massages; relaxing and decontracting among others.

The aim is based on release physical and mental tension, keep the nervous system healthy, increase hormone production and strengthen the immune system, as well as relax spasms and much more

Trip to Caldea - Inúu

INÚU is an innovative proposal focused on achieving comprehensive wellness .

The stay is completely personalized.

The goal is to achieve comprehensive wellness: Wellness Attitude. A state of complete harmony between body and mind.

  •  Inúu Entry

  • Gym and facilities access

  • Analysis of body composition (bioimpedance)

  • Sport-shakes Workshop

Optional: Evaluation of muscle strength (Cybex®) and flexibility.

It allows a quantitative and qualitative assessment of muscle function. Dysfunctions osteo – articular originated by non-detectable, muscular imbalances with other tests or diagnostic tests can be confirmed, discarded or followed in its evolution.

Optional: Osteopathy Session

Osteopathy is a set of manual techniques to relieve numerous ailments by seeking the recovery of the organic balance

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