Sport Plan

Get the best physical condition in height training.

7 - 10 days

The altitude training has a positive effect on sports activities performance.

Also, did you know that sport is directly related to the professional skills you develop in your everyday life?

The secret lies in knowing the daily workout variables, frequency, intensity and the space they occupy in the development of our activities.

We would like to promote exercise as a base to change habits, both athletes who want to improve their performance and physical condition and people who want to start to feel better, as well as people who want to develop and grow personally and professionally.

There is a relationship between the body’s ability to oxygenate and the height at which we train.

The reason: the lower air density is, less resistance air is produced to displacement.

We propose to train in a unique environment, and to get the best version of you.

With this plan you get

  • Improvement of physical condition and flexibility

  • Activation of the physical and mental potential

  • A healthier lifestyle

This plan is for you if you are

  • A sportsman, or someone who performs physical activity regularly and wants to improve your potential and performance.

Available from 26/11/2016


From 4.598€

*The price is modified depending on the category of the room

All our plans have their weekender version

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What's included?
Accommodation at Sport Hotels


PC as prescribed

After the assessment of the nutritional status of the person, are elaborated plans to follow during the stay, always relying on behavioral therapy, is the main premise for changing habits through nutrition education and their sustainability over time.

Orientation for a healthy exercise
Detox nutrition
Re-test and new physical condition assessment
Health & Nutritional Coaching
Re-test and new physical condition assessment
Training plan
Daily control
Daily workouts with trainers

Training Outdoor: eccentric work; Isokinetic work; functional training…

Trekking daily routes (cardio)
Postural re-education session.
Stretching Masterclass
Boxing Sessions
Sport Manual therapy
Yoga sessions
Caldea - Inúu Access
Optional: Evaluation of muscle strength (Cybex®) and flexibility

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