Longevity Plan

Good habits to live longer and better. Keep them in time.

7 days

Your health, such as trees, depends on your roots (genetics) and environmental effects (epigenetics), everything around you: what you eat, what you breathe, how you play, how you move, how and with whom you relate, what you think, what you feel…

Leading a healthy life is based on three pillars: food, exercise and rest.

On many occasions we intend to improve our lifestyle, but we do not know where to start.

The key is to learn, change and develop good long -term habits

With this plan we get channeling a healthy life. It will make you feel you’re on the right track, and thus to keep it in time.

A prognosis of possible future ailments and thus a personalized preventive counseling will be obtained.

With this plan you get

  • Identification of factors that influence our biological age and evaluation of your lifestyle

  • Restore balance and prevent appearance of diseases

  • Getting a healthy lifestyle through customized tools

This plan is for you if you

  • Want to acquire good habits and get the basics to keep them

  • Want to prevent disease

  • Want to grow old in a healthy way

Available from 26/11/2016


From 2.107€

*The price is modified depending on the category of the room.

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What's included?
Full board Accommodation
Health and Nutritional Coaching

It offers a personalized program that will help you get easy and effective way the desired objective in relation to your diet.

We will help to adopt a new way of understanding your food, enjoying food in a healthy and lasting way in time.



Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of chronic diseases, aging and cancer.


Information on the risk of developing more than 250 disorders, response to medications, physical and psychological traits of your descendants.

Guidance for healthy exercise

Exercise is a key factor in staying healthy. Exercise strengthens bones, heart and lungs, tones muscles, improves vitality, helps sleep better and relieves depression.

You will have an individual health planning to promote physical activity.

Exercise program designed according to the needs

Any sport training is characterized by the order of their planning and the pursuit of goals through concrete proposals that should be reached at preset times.

Sessions with Personal Trainer

It helps people to achieve specific objectives using suitable and safe training methods and techniques.

Also it provides a continuous control track and through which the desired physical condition is obtained.

Postural reeducation session

It is an active physical therapy based on the realization of a series of gentle global stretching exercises, combined with breathing, evolving from an initial tension-free position to a final more intense stretching position. The ending point of the position depends on each person.

It is used as an unique manual therapy, stretching the tissues, reducing stress, taking care of the joints, eliminating the inconvenience and modeling the patient’s body.

Yoga sessions

Hatha Yoga has many benefits in physical and emotional health, and those who practice it consistently and disciplined manner, have expressed feel a positive change in your body and health.

Therapeutic yoga sessions

Therapeutic yoga works on specific parts of the body, decontracting or strengthening them, depending on the needs. With this action, the aim is to correct imbalances and restore the physical well-being.


It is scientifically proven that regular meditation modifies areas of brain activity, increasing the activity to areas where they lodge the positive and reducing the fear, anxiety, stress and anger emotions. It also improves  concentration and memory development (among other benefits).

Mindfulness Sessions

Numerous scientific studies have shown that regular practice of Mindfulness substantially improves both physical and mental health.

Some of the benefits of the practice of Mindfulness:

  • Improves ability to calm the mind and relax.
  • Develops brain skills such as attention, concentration and memory.
  • Decreases stress levels and improves confidence.
  • Effective treatment of depression and anxiety.
  • Decreases the feeling of pain.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Lowers blood pressure and improves coronary disorders.
  • Improves symptoms of psychosomatic diseases such as psoriasis
  • Slows aging.
Nutritional and antioxidant supplements workshop

Numerous studies have shown that supplements such as omega-3, vitamin B3, D … have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and reduce biomarkers of chronic inflammation.

Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from the effects of free radicals (molecules produced when the body breaks down food or environmental exposure to smoking and radiation). Free radicals can damage cells and increase the risk of some diseases.

Manual relax - therapy
2 Ayurvedics Masajes.
Self-massage techniques

Acting on trigger points with different objects by pressure, the guest will learn to distress  different body parts in a very effective manner.

Very effective for back, cervical and lumbar pain.

Inbody. Analysis of body composition

Body composition refers to the components of our bodies, and the sum of these parts is weight. The body composition analysis means analyzing what these components. Among many methods of analysis, the method used by the InBody is the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), and divides the human body into 4 components: Total Body Water, Fat Mass, minerals and proteins.

Inúu Access

INÚU is an innovative proposal focused on achieving  comprehensive wellness.

The stay is completely personalized. The goal is to achieve comprehensive wellness: Wellness Attitude. A state of complete harmony between body and mind.

  • Inúu Entry
  • Geothermal Massage
Option plus: WELLBEING Test

Weight control, toxic elimination, bone health, dental, skin and cardiovascular capacity and physical fitness, mental attitude and mental performance.

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