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Relax & Calm Plan

Absolute calm. Locks up concerns.

7 days

We live at a fast pace, always with things to do, nerves, rush…

Need an absolute disconnecting? Work, worries, obligations, and the online world?

To escape the city, to lock the concerns and dedicate time to what makes us completely forget what we do the rest of the year, it becomes a necessity.

This getaway is the opportunity you were looking to relax body and mind and reconnect with oneself.

What better than disconnect in the mountains, where breathtaking scenery, sunsets that leave you breathless, relaxing activities and gastronomy make the perfect combination. A place that helps strengthening the spirit and makes you come back wanting everything and with great inner peace.

In short, it is all about living the present moment and forget all the rest.

With this plan you get

  • Increase of physical and mental performance as it occurs when the body and mind are relaxed

  • More effectiveness in daily tasks

  • Lower heart rate

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improvement of gastrointestinal system

This plan is for you if you

  • A person to whom the frenetic pace has taken its toll on many levels

  • A person wishing to take care of your mind, to ensure personal health and emotional balance

Available from 26/11/2016


From 2.885€

* The price is modified depending on the category of the room

All our plans have their weekender version

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What's included?
Accommodation at Sport Hotels


Ski Relax
  • Cross-country skiing outin

  • Healthy Menus

Snowshoe outing
Hiking outing
Relaxation Techniques
Stress Management Workshop
2 Mindfulness sessions
Yoga Sessions
Unlimited access to the spa circuit
Facial massage: Vitalité hydratante
Facial massage: lift icct soin intense
Body Massage: La ceremonie Délicieuse
Body massage: Rituel 100% Argan
Massage: Grands Explorateurs

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