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Reset Plan

The new Detox. The importance of disconnect to reconnect.

7 days

Switch off to reconnect!

The RESET program is structured to purify, nourish and maintain a healthy lifestyle plan.

You will learn to make the transition to a healthier new life, based on three pillars: food, exercise and rest.

On many occasions the intention of improving our lifestyle arises, but do not know where to start. The key is to learn, change and develop good habits.

With this plan we get to channel a healthier life.

We will feel that we are on the right track, and thus to keep it in time.

The Reset is the new Detox.

Purification, also known as detoxification, can help remove natural toxins from your body and maintain a healthy weight.

Every day we are exposed to external toxins, and although his body is designed to get rid of them, you can get overloaded. Purification offers your body additional support to discard and metabolize these toxins and minimizes weight, which is important to maintain your health and vitality.

All of this, while immersed in Ayurveda, a original traditional medicine system of India that will help you achieve an optimal health cleansing the body from the inside out.

Focused / Recommended to:

  • Find internal rebalancing

  • Activate the physical and mental potential

  • Facilitate the elimination of fat excess

  • Learn healthy patterns

  • Get a healthy lifestyle and balanced purifying the blood and improving circulation

  • Clean the toxins in liver and kidney

  • Purify the digestive system, regulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

This plan is for you if you are

  • A person who wants to acquire healthy habits, relieve stress and emotional burdens

  • A person who wants to recover their welfare while they get a good physical and mental condition


From 3.422€

*The price is modified depending on the category of the room

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What's included?
Accomodation at Hotel Grau Roig


Health and Nutritional Coaching
Full board in Detox Diet and smoothies diet
Taller de Suplementos nutricionales y antioxidantes
Morning Hatha Yoga Sessions
Restorative passive yoga sessions
Técnicas de relajación
3 Stretching session
2 Mindfulness sessions
GMG outings - Grandvalira
  • Downhill skiing.
  • Healthy menu
Daily access to Spa circuit directed by a therapeutic
Kerala Ayurvedic Abhyangam Treatment
Terapia facial - Mukha Abhyanga
Terapia facial - Mukha Abhyanga
Purifying Udvartana Treatment
Manual lymphatic drainage
Firming Purifying Udvartana Treatment
Infusiones depurativas y relax
Plus Option : WELLBEING Test

 (weight control, toxic elimination, bone health, dental, skin and cardiovascular capacity and physical fitness, mental attitude and mental performance)

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