Senior Plan

Holidays designed and adapted for seniors.

7 days

Learn new habits, have fun and relax are beneficial at any age. For this reason, a holiday is one of the best medicines for the mind and body of the elderly.

It is clear that, as people age, they should take into a number of points account to make the trip. In addition to the destination, comfort, peace of mind and security are very important. To make the most of that vacation, it is convenient that you plan the trip in advance because of their special needs to cover: the most appropriate and comfortable mean of transport, medication, an appropriate outfit …

Most people are used to leave their routines. Therefore, making minimal changes in schedules, for example, at meals, can create them discomfort.

We propose a stay created for all those people who still feel strong enough to roll a suitcase.

We create a holiday plan covering each of your needs, and provide them in advance some tips and guidelines for preparations.

Also, if he have some kind of disease and you don’t dare to travel because someone must control him or his family wants to take a trip but do not want to leave him alone, do not worry, we have alternatives for everyone to enjoy carefree.

The best option is to choose a place where the young can enjoy activities and the elderly people can relax, being take care, and even go under beneficial treatments to them.

They will enjoy a stay that will fully satisfy everyone.

With this plan you get

  • Enjoy a vacation, get out of the routine, and feel at home.

  • Reduction of depressive and anxious symptoms, thus contribuiting the mental health of the person.

This plan is for you if you

  • Senior over 65 years.

  • People who want to travel but need daily checks.

Available from 26/11/2016


From 987€

*The price is modified depending on the category of the room

All our plans have their weekender version

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What's included?
Alojamiento en el Centro Residencial SARquavitae "Salita".


Full board
Diets designed to individual needs
Plan of therapeutic and leisure activities developed in the center
Personalized rehabilitation developed by a specialized medical team.
Individual physiotherapy
Medical care/ nursing
Control and application of medical treatment, nursing care and medication monitoring
Access to Caldea

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