Landevity, is a web platform created to promote health tourism, beauty, wellness and sport in Andorra through the promotion and services on these three pillars.

In Landevity we want to provide the ability to manage and book stays designed and customized by and for each guest the most personalized way as possible that allows to simplify purchase to our users. An unique platform integrates all services: from accommodation, travel, specialized treatments, sports activities, nutrition plans, to an exclusive and personalized counselling plan.

Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle in society through the cult and care of  body and mind. Providing our clients with the necessary guidelines to adopt a healthy lifestyle and achieve well-being and physical and mental balance.

We offer two types of products to promote a healthy lifestyle: Landevity plans and Landevity stays.

Plans are programs consisting of a variety of services and activities within four categories: health, beauty, wellness and sports. These healthy experiences are designed under the fixed price formula and as an alternative to your conventional holiday.

On the other hand, the stays are customized experiences created ad hoc under a thorough understanding of the needs and desires of each guest. In our platform, you can preconfigure your healthy stay through the variety of services and activities available. The presetting is a booking request, a list of preferences that will help us to create the most personalized stay as as possible adjusting to the needs and tastes of guests. In this way, the customer will have the chance to choose between the stay itself, designed under the fixed price formula, or set it up to his preferences always with the aim of adopting a healthy routine.

Landevity philosophy is the adaptation of all plans and stays within the healthy trend. We want to offer an integrated and customized offer that meets the needs of customers, always promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In Landevity we take care of counseling, receiving and accompanying our customers by providing a personalized service and meeting their needs during the course of their experience.

Relying on emerging trends, our goal is to consolidate the model of healthy holiday, and keep on integrating areas such as nutrition, rest and sport in the daily care of people.